ELET HP-100 Torque Meter
Mã SP: W00018-3
Giá trước đây: Call
Nhà sản xuất: Waterun
Bảo hành: Theo NSX

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→For measuring the torque setting of electric screwdrivers,
  torque drivers and torque wrenches; for many other
  applications for which jig tools are devised. 
→For collecting data on holes diameters prepared for
  tapping screws;
→For controlling bottle cap fastening;
→For testing breakdown of small parts;
→For quality control of plastic screws and parts.

→Torque reading is simple and accurate on a clear digital 
→It is easy to carry, as being compact and lightweight;                                                                                                      

→Powered by a 1.2V rechargeable battery.

Model HP-100 HP-50 HP-10
MeasurementRange Kgf.cm 1.5-100 1.5-50 0.15-10.00
  N.m 0.15-10 0.15-5 0.015-1.0
  Lbf.in 1.5-90 1.5-45 0.15-9.00
Accuracy Within ±1%
Responsive Frequency 600 Hz
Power Source 1.2V Nicd cell x 5
Recharging Time 8 hours with exclusive charger
Continuous use at full charge 30 hours
Dimensions (mm) 123 x 230 x 65
Battery Life Chargeable for 300 times or more
Weight 1.8 kg
Exclusive Charger Input: AC220-240V   Output: DC7.2V,120mA




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