ELET-1000 Automatic Tape Dispenser
Mã SP: W00015
Giá trước đây: Call
Nhà sản xuất: Waterun
Bảo hành: Theo NSX

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ELET-1000  Automatic Tape Dispenser

Model No: W00015

Maker: Waterun - Made in China


1. Cutting length: 20-999mm 

2. Cutting width: 7-50mm

3. Drive: DC Motor for tape feed and cut      

4. Display: 3-digit LED for tape length

5. Power consumption: 18W

6. Dimensions: 140 x 150 x 250mm

7. Weight: 3.0 Kg


Equipment which enhances the efficiency of time consuming tape sticking task in the offices, factories and/or shops,etc

Can use with various tapes; convenient with full automatic features. 

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