MZS0740 series zoom stereo microscopes
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MZS0740 series zoom stereo microscopes

MZS0740 series zoom stereo microscopes include MZS0740 (binocular inclined 450) and MZS0740/600 (binocular inclined 600). It is characterized by particular high definition optical system.  It can be extensively used for microelectronics, exact manufacture and the other science-technology industry field.

MZS0740 series zoom stereo microscopes

Main data:

·  Total magnification 7X~40X (standard outfits), extend total magnification:240X

·  Zoom objective magnification 0.7X~4.0X, working distance 110mm.

·  With high eye point and wide field eyepiece SWH10X(Φ23mm)

·  Binocular eyetubes inclined 45°/60°and main body can be rotated 360°

·  The range of adjusting the diopter is ±6(left drawtube)

·  Interpupillary distance adjustment range 52mm~76mm

·  The range of adjusting the focus is 50mm(the square post is 100mm), the diameter of the center working stage is Φ95mm

·  The measurement to match between the support and the main body is Φ76mm

·  The distance between from the post center to the main body center is 140mm

·  The size of the round post is Φ25mm

·  Illuminators : the low illuminator is the transmitted illumination of the fluorescent lamp(5W),the up illuminator is the reflected illumination of the halogen lamp(6V、10W).

Optional attachments:

·       Stands : SD1 ~ SD16

·       Universal stands: U1, U2, U3, U4, U1C, U2C, U3C, U4C

·       Eyepieces : 5X, 10X, 15X, 20X, 30X ; Divisional eyepieces : 10X, 15X, 20X

·       Auxiliary objectives : 0.5X, 0.7X, 1.5X, 2X

·       Auxiliary illuminators : ML01, MLR60, LGY-150Ω

·       Dark field attachment and Gem clamp : DC01, CJ01

·       Mechanical stages : S7650, S210210


Technical data

Eyepiece Objective Main body With 0.37X objective With 0.5X objective With 0.7X objective With 1.5X objective With 2X objective
0.7X~4.0X 0.26X~1.48X 0.35X~2X 0.49X~2.8X 1.05X~6X 1.4X~8X
10X Total  7X~40X 2.59X~14.8X 3.5X~20X 4.9X~28X 10.5X~60X 14X ~80X
Diameter of  Φ32.8~Φ5.75 Φ88.8~Φ15.5 Φ65.7~Φ11.5 Φ46.9~Φ8.2 Φ21.9~Φ3.4 Φ16.4~Φ2.6
visual field(mm)
15X Total magnification 10.5X~60 X 3.89X~22.2X 5.3X~30X 7.4X~42X 15.8X~90X 21X~120X
Diameter of  Φ24.3~Φ4.3 Φ65.6~Φ11.5 Φ48.6~Φ8.5 Φ34.7~Φ6.1 Φ16.2~Φ2.8 Φ12.1~Φ2.1
visual field(mm)
20X Total magnification 14X~80X 5.18X~29.6X 7X~40X 9.8X~56X 21X~120X 28X~160X
Diameter of Φ20~Φ3.5 Φ54.1~Φ9.5 Φ40~Φ7 Φ28.6~Φ5 Φ13.3~Φ2.3 Φ10~Φ1.8
visual field(mm)
30X Total magnification 21X~120X 7.77X~44.4X 10.5X~60X 14.7X~84X 31.5X~180X 42X~240X
Diameter of Φ12.9~Φ2.3 Φ34.7~Φ6.1 Φ25.7~Φ4.5 Φ18.4~Φ3.2 Φ8.6~Φ1.5 Φ6.4~Φ1.1
visual field(mm)
Working distance(mm) 110 275 195 145 58 35

MZS0740 series connect with different attachments and stands exemplify:

MZS0740 series zoom stereo microscopes

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